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How to Outsmart Your Happiness Setpoint – A FREE webinar with JoAnna Brandi, CHO (Chief Happiness Officer)

January 12 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

We’ve ALL had a rough nine months and it will most likely take us several more months before things return to anything that resembles “normal.”
We think it is a good time to understand how much we are really in charge of our own happiness. Science has discovered that Positive Emotions make you healthier, smarter, and help you reach your highest level of potential in every area of your life.
At We Care Computers we want you to experience more of the “good stuff” in life and at work!
We have discovered there is a whole Science of Happiness and we want to bring it to you! On January 12, 2021 please join us to explore the biology of happiness and several ways you can outsmart your genetic “set-point” to start your new year off with “Happiness Habits” that will bring you more joy.
In this 50-minute program:
? You will learn why, when you look for happiness “out there,” you always come back to your setpoint unless you outsmart it and we’ll show you how!
? You will discover the “tipping point” and the high-performance ratio which will make your team rock and your relationships rich.
? You will walk away with 3 easy breezy Positivity Practices that will help you keep your immune function high!
? You will learn the secrets for outsmarting your genetics and experiencing more joy and positive emotions every day.
Even in trying times, you are capable of experiencing more joy, happiness and success and we at We Care want to share this groundbreaking work with you as our gift for the new year!
A consultant and speaker on the topic of the Customer and Employee Experience for the last 30 years, JoAnna, now a Certified Chief Happiness Officer, will leave you knowing the “how” of happiness and with practical ways to increase your positivity ratio at work and at home. She is the author or two books on Customer Loyalty and “54 Ways to Stay Positive in a Changing Challenging and Sometimes Negative World.”

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